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All our camping yurts are hand crafted. The roof poles and wall lattice are made standard using Oregon (Douglas Fir) as it is strong and durable.

One of the strongest woods for it's weight is Cedar, so although it is a little more expensive it is ideal if you have a very lightweight yurt in mind.  Ash and Oak as attractive heavier alternatives are also on offer, but these woods are almost twice as heavy as Cedar. 

The Tono (ring) can also be made with different wood species. It is made with Ponderosa as standard, but we also offer Mahogany, Oak and Cherry.

The timber grain is enhanced, preserved and protected with natural oil except the roof ring and door frame which are coated with several layers of protective epoxy resin to keep out the elements and provide added durability. Cared for properly, these quality components will last a lifetime. 

Marine grade waterproof canvas is used for the walls and roof. We provide you with unbleached or coloured natural material as this allows the penetration of more light throughout the yurt while keeping temperatures low inside by reflecting the heat of direct sunlight. The opening in the ring is also very efficient in venting heat as the hot air rises to the top leaving the living area cooler. Many people decorate their covers with flexible latex paint to personalise their yurt as they truly have a large blank canvas to work with.