Yurts were a well-designed mobile home for an independent and nomadic people that not only survived in wilderness but prospered with their families in harsh and difficult times.

Yurt City has sought to bring you the ancient practicality of the nomadic people of the past into the modern age of self-reliance and independence without sacrificing the aesthetically pleasing symmetry and beauty of the yurt.


Yurts can be a lifesaver for you and your family or others in the event of disaster or emergency.

 While Yurt City designs these portable shelters they are far more than a common wall tent in durability and practical use. They can be put up in minutes and withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions.

 Our Yurt's unique design allows them to be moved as often as you like and to easily store the yurt when not in use and conveniently assemble it as needed.

They are ideal for family or group camping vacations, hunting trips, backyard party shelters, changing rooms, temporary accommodation, hot-tub covers, special events, barbeques or even weddings. There is maximum usable floor space in a yurt.

One of their most admirable features is the headroom and sturdy walls while they are extremely portable and convenient. They can fit in a small trailer, the back of an SUV or even on a car roof.

In Australia yurts are becoming very popular. Yurt City has designed a well-engineered lightweight timber ring that is extremely sturdy to provide maximum strength with quick and easy assembly.

Our Yurts are portable shelters designed and crafted with durability, functionality and aesthetic artistry in mind for your value, comfort and visual pleasure.